Braden Bernier grew up in a family where horses had a job and a purpose on the ranch. From a young age, he started horses with his mother, father and grandfather.

At 15, he took a job starting colts for a well-respected horseman and trainer. It was then he started riding horses for the public. The following years he rode community pasture, started colts and attended horse shoeing school, all while finishing high school and achieving his bachelors of education degree.

After university, Braden moved away for a few more years to ride in different country and attend further schooling in Idaho. In Idaho he was fortunate to meet someone who became one of his best friends and helped shape some of his style of horsemanship.

Horses and horsemanship are a large part Braden’s life. Having horses interwoven into his life has instilled an unwavering passion to help horses find their greatest success and talents. His entire focus when working with horses is to ensure horses can take on any task at their best. Getting one confident and willing to demonstrate “try” is Braden’s main goal with the horse. He believes the horse needs to be allowed to search to find the right answer in their own way. Braden takes pride in being a horseman and giving horses a skill set for a productive future no matter their discipline.

Braden owns a ranch in Red Deer Hill, Saskatchewan, where he trains horses and provides various equine services.