Jonathan Field

Jonathan Field Horsemanship - Inspired by Horses®

Jonathan Field is an internationally renowned clinician, with sold out clinics wherever he goes. He has motivated and educated thousands of people around the world who are also “Inspired by Horses!”

Born into a horse-loving family, Jonathan Field has, at various times in his life, been a competitive rider, a cowboy, a student, and now, a master. Drawing on an immense love and respect for horses, for the last 23 years Jonathan has been in the business of helping horse owners and lovers around the world achieve better horsemanship and, more importantly, a true partnership between horse and rider.

Over the last 16+ years of building his own program, Jonathan has coached, mentored and shared his knowledge with thousands of riders in hands-on clinics and live showcase events. In so doing, he has fostered lasting relationships between thousands of horses and riders, from brand new riders to elite athletes in every discipline.

Where can you see Jonathan Field in action?

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