Equine Expo Youth Discovery Passport

Discover your Inner Equestrian

The Saskatchewan Equine Expo is happy to introduce a new and exciting activity program for aspiring equestrian youth.


Our goal is to help inspire young aspiring equestrians to gain knowledge about horses in a fun, interactive way.


All Youth Discovery Passport Program activities and events will take place at either the Prairieland Ag Center or the Trade Show in Hall B. All participants require Saskatchewan Equine Expo admission to join. Children 6 & Under admitted FREE.



Step 1

Pick up a Youth Discovery Passport from either the Show Office at the Prairieland Ag Center, or the Show Office at the Trade Show in Hall B. All passports are the exact same.

Step 2

Attend/watch/partake in the different events and activities listed on your passport. Each activity completed will get you a stamp next to that activity listing. 

Step 3

After you complete an activity in the Ag Center Arena, bring your passport to that Show Office to receive your stamp.

Step 4

For activities completed in the Trade Show, bring your passport to where the activity takes place to get stamped.

Step 5

When finished, or before you leave, bring your stamped passport to either Show Office to have your name entered in the prize draw.

Step 6

If you any have questions about the passport, just ask. Best of luck with your discoveries, young riders!


Five(5) entries will be drawn on Sunday, October 29 at 4:30pm at the Prairieland Ag Center.

3-5 Stamps = 1 Entry

6-8 Stamps = 2 Entries

9-13 Stamps = 4 Entries

14-15 Stamps = 10 Entries

Automatically receive one(1) bonus entry for completing the bonus task (roping the dummy.)

To be entered in the prize draw, your stamped passport must be returned to either Show Office no later than 4:00 PM on Sunday, October 29th. 

The draw will follow at 4:30 PM at the Prairieland Ag Center. You do not need to be present to claim your prize, but contact information must be written on the back of the passport.

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