Watch Facebook and check back for our announcement for the 2021 10th Anniversary feature demonstration presenters to be announced.

Challenge of Champions

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Trainer Challenge Horses

For the past 10 years the trainer challenge horses have come to us from Diamond K Quarter horses.  We are pleased to announce that Diamond K Ranches will be again pick out 4 amazing athletes for our trainers to pick from.

Thank You to Our 2020 Sponsors!


Equine Extravaganza Line-up:

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Watch for exciting changes and updates coming in 2021.

Trade Show Schedule

Friday, October 29, 2021  TBA
Saturday, October 30, 2021 TBA
Sunday, October 31, 2021 TBA

OTTB Challenge Rules

The OTTB Challenge is a competition in which trainers acquire a recently
retired racehorse and prepare it over a period not to exceed fifteen months
for competition in one or two of 5 riding sports. Formats for competition are
designed to test the quality and progress of each horse’s training.
The OTTB Challenge takes place at Prairieland Park during the Saskatchewan
Equine Expo 2021.

Mission and Goals
Saskatchewan Equine Expo created the OTTB Challenge to showcase the
trainability and talent of off-track Thoroughbreds, and to inspire trainers to
secure the futures of these animals through training. In addition to
benefiting the horses, the Challenge is intended to help individuals establish
themselves professionally or as amateurs in their respective disciplines and
to showcase local trainers.

Individuals can submit an application to be an OTTB Challenge participant.
Applications can be found on the Saskatchewan Equine Expo website.
Applications will be screened on an ongoing basis and applicants will be
informed of the outcome of their application on an ongoing basis.

Prize Money Distribution
Distribution of prize money will be as follows:
20% of total prize money will be allotted to each discipline with the top 4
finishers in each discipline receiving:

1st place: 10%
2nd Place: 5%
3rd place: 3%
4th place: 2%

Application Fee
Each person will pay a $50 plus GST application fee with the application. The
fee is non-refundable.

Open and Closing Date
Applications may be submitted to Prairieland Park until April 1, 2021.