The Fan-Favourite Trainer Challenge

The fan-favourite Trainer Challenge returns once again with three new trainers! Learn more about Dusty Harvey, Lucas Bertram, and Craig Reesor at the links below. To view the full Arena Show Schedule, click here.

Featured Trainer of the 2023 Trainer Challenge Craig Reesor announced for the Saskatchewan Equine Expo

Craig Reesor

Trainer Challenge Horses

Since 2012, the Trainer Challenge horses have come to us from Diamond K Ranch. We are pleased to announce that Diamond K Ranch will yet again pick out 4 amazing athletes for our trainers to choose from. We thank them for their continued support of this event!

Past Trainer Challenge Winners


  • Craig Reesor, 2023
  • Dustin Sippola, 2022
  • Rick Wiebe, 2020
  • Amos Abrahamson, 2019
  • Adam Thiessen, 2018
  • Kade Mills, 2017
  • Seth Abrahamson, 2016
  • Cain Quam, 2015
  • Doug Mills, 2014
  • Dale Clearwater, 2013
  • Dale Clearwater, 2012