Saskatchewan Equine Expo Clinician Bonnie McCutcheon

Bonnie McCutcheon

Featured Clinician - Saskatchewan Equine Expo

Bonnie grew up on the back of a horse.

Her parents Kevin and Sandra McCutcheon have been her greatest influence and teachers to this day.  She started in 4-H with beef and horses and then her career evolved from there.

She wasn’t much for school but learned to not just to sit on her butt unless it’s on the back of a horse. She went to her first AQHA horse show to watch with a friend that she met in 4-H, Shawn Getz. As soon as she saw the reining she said to herself, “I want to do that!” Since then, she has sought out how to train a reining horse and how to keep them learning and fresh without them burning out. Her training program is mostly outside – not always in an arena.

Her earnings consist of over 45 thousand and climbing in the National Reining Association, qualifying multiple horses to the AQHA World Show and have had many wins in all except of the Western world.

She operates and owns Sonador Ranch just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, having a small breeding operation standing, showing her good friends (Tonia Smith) Stallion Gunning For Chex. Along with training and lessons and clinics.

Bonnie McCutcheon's Clinic

This four day clinic will focus on achieving the versatility, attitude, and movement of a working horse while maneuvering through ranch riding patterns. The core of the exercises will strive to improve the movement of the horse while performing maneuvers at a forward, working speed.

LOCATION: Prairieland Park Ag Center, 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, SK.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed! Thank you to all applicants. View the Show Schedule to see when Bonnie’s Ranch Riding Clinic will take place in the Prairieland Ag Center arena.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 22, 2023


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